Wildlife Rescue
Science North
Sudbury, Ontario

Wildlife Rescue is a 6,000sf international traveling exhibition that focuses not simply on human-caused threats to nature and wildlife, but on the remarkable range of courageous and creative human responses to those threats. The core message of this exhibition is refreshingly positive: people caused these problems, but people can – and will – correct them. Developed in both English and bilingual (French/English) versions, to accommodate venues throughout North America, the exhibition was designed to withstand the rigors of a five year tour in high volume science center settings. It incorporates state-of-the-art audiovisual and interactive multimedia programming as well as immersive environments, hands-on and whole-body experiences, mechanical interactives, and breathtaking large-scale graphics. Wildlife Rescue actively engages guests in compelling stories of human interventions on behalf of animals, connecting us with the dedicated people who are on the forefront of this movement and exploring the science that underlies their efforts.



Project Partners

Science North
audiovisual and multimedia
The Taylor Group
exhibit fabrication
LKM, a division of SNC-Lavalin


I want to express my thanks to you for helping to make the Wildlife Rescue project a success. In my opinion, the combination of Main Street Design, Taylor Group, and Science North has been a dynamite team that has created one of the best visitor experiences I've ever worked on in 18 years at Science North.

Brenda Koziol
Project Manager
Science North

…The exhibit was one of the most hands-on and educational I have ever seen. I couldn't get my kids out of there and they asked SO many questions about what they were doing. The commitment buttons at the end of the exhibit had my 5 year old committing to recycling more and helping out with a community volunteer project. Every part of the exhibit was working and was a fun and educational experience. My sincere compliments to the designers…

Christine R.
Fernbank Museum of Natural History’s Wildlife Rescue travelling exhibition